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Microsoft reconsidered

Yesterday’s news included the largest drop in personal computer sales since 1994. That’s the largest drop since the days when most people used Windows 3.1 as an operating system, except for a few who had the wonderful new OS/2 Warp (remember that, anyone?). Read the rest of this entry »


Looking at how eBooks are made

These days many books are being published in electronic form, either instead of being printed on paper, or as well as being printed. In this post I’m going to look at some of the formats used for this.

For a book to be useful as an electronic document it has to use a format which is readily available to the potential reading audience. Otherwise the intended audience will not read it. Printed books require nothing but the book itself to be read. Electronic books require some kind of device to make them readable. Read the rest of this entry »

Are netbooks dead?

Consumer Reports recently reported that netbooks are dead.

This is not an uncommon concept. Dell, for example, has exited the netbook market. But is giving up on netbooks a rational reaction for a user, or are we being led by manufacturers into buying tablets or ultrabooks just because there is more profit in them? Read the rest of this entry »