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The cat and the gift bag

It started, I suppose, when Oliver adopted us. Oliver is a big orange marmalade cat with white feet, white belly, and a little bit of white around his nose. For a twenty-pound animal armed with the usual set of razor-sharp claws and impressive teeth he is surprisingly peaceful. If the doorbell rings, he disappears. If a strange cat approaches him, he gives one hiss just to show his teeth, and disappears. If a visitor tries to stroke his soft fur he disappears. He loves finding boxes, cabinets, and corners to hide in. About the only thing that is almost guaranteed to bring him out of hiding is food. He was a tiny, starving, kitten when he showed up on out doorstep a few years ago, and has never forgotten what being hungry feels like.

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I found out this afternoon that our cat, Boo, is dying.


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