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Ice-bound in Antarctica

My beautiful picture

As I write this, the Akademik Shokalskiy sits trapped in heavy pack ice, near the edge of the pack-ice north of Terre Adelie, where it has been since before Christmas. Just outside the pack are the Xue Long and the Aurora Australis. Read the rest of this entry »


Tales my father told

While I was growing up outside Sydney, Australia, my father often told me stories about his father.

My grandfather, Albert Eldred Denham, left home to make his own way back when the world was wide. Home was the selection on Brokenshaft Creek, west of Orange, New South Wales. Al had come with his family from Shanklin, Isle of Wight, at the age of seven. He was the fourth of six children, and the farm was getting pretty small by the time he turned twenty-one, in 1890.

Arid flat plains

Western Plains of NSW

He and his younger brother Bert put together a business which filled a small niche in the Colonial economy. They would travel the outback, the western plains of New South Wales, trading small amounts of goods, and working at any available jobs when there was nothing to be traded.

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Not just Robinson Crusoe

You’ve read Robinson Crusoe, haven’t you? Do you remember who wrote the book? No?

Daniel Defoe. He wrote that one book, a long time ago, and it became a Classic.

Daniel Defoe by Michael Van der Gucht 1706

That’s the general impression most people have about the man who wrote Robinson Crusoe. But it’s totally misleading. Daniel Defoe, who was born in about 1660 and died in April 1731, was probably one of the most prolific writers of his day. He wrote at least seven novels, and a total of several hundred published works of all kinds. Robinson Crusoe was his first novel, published in 1719, and may have been the first novel written and published in English. Defoe had a very colorful life, as a businessman, a convict, a spy, and a political campaigner. Read the rest of this entry »

Apple maps


Mildura, Victoria, Australia

There were news reports recently of Apple Maps giving an inaccurate location for the town of Mildura in Victoria, Australia.

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